The true objective behind Vastu design is to create structures or building spaces that help us to optimize health, prosperity, happiness, and to create a home for the soul.

Shastra – our Vastu Specialist – has an amazing skill. He is very enthusiastic about this science and has studied Vastu for many years and has a deep understanding of its principles.

He takes an active interest in studying and researching traditional Vedic culture and is quite knowledgeable in this field. Over the recent years he has intensified his research in Vastu Shastra and built considerable expertise in this area.

He has a deep love of being of service to humanity and of helping individuals find peace and balance in their mind, body and soul.

Shastra is dedicated to offer and perform the highest quality of Vastu advisory services, also to maintain professionalism, integrity and honesty in relationship with his clients.

The ancient holistic architecture ‘Vastu Shastra’ has revealed the secrets of science about the direct and indirect benefits of cosmological forces in our solar system, particularly the influence of the sun with its beneficial ultra-violet radiation, therefore scientists are encouraged to initiate various research work in the field of modern science in order to successfully combine the benefits of this technological age and the principles of the ancient Vastu Shastra.

And last but not least, credit must go to those who conduct continuous research work in the various fields of science to benefit our entire human race with alternatives.

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